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Tech Tip Tuesday

Tech Tip #55: No Internet? 6 Tips to Reconnect!

My Internet connection isn’t working! Everything we do these days seems to revolve around our internet connection: email, web browsing, even printing stamps or making voice calls. When ...

Tech Tip #54: How to Write a Better Email

Writing an email is one of the most prevalent methods of communication in the business world, but it’s not as easy as you might think. There are considerable details ...

Tech Tip #53: Speed Up Your Slow Computer

As a general rule, for optimal system performance, we want to keep about 15% of our available hard drive space free. Through regular use, our systems can ...

Tech Tip #52: Protect Yourself From BOGUS EMAILS

It’s that time of the year again! Holiday festivities are in full swing, tax season is right around the corner, and email scammers are seemingly working overtime to ply ...

Tech Tip #51: Read This Before Doing That Update!

We at Bulldog IT recommend keeping your devices (computers and mobile devices) updated with the latest security updates to protect them. However, sometimes something catastrophic happens during an update that ...

Tech Tip #50: Seas The Day With Our Top 3 Microsoft Word Tips

Microsoft Office’s Word is undoubtedly one of the most popular word processing software in the world, perhaps even the most popular. Still, there are many people who use Word ...

Tech Tip #49: Practice Proper Device Disposal

Nowadays, the average individual owns approx. 4-8 Internet connected devices and that number in North America is expected to rise to 13 by 2021.  Not all devices in our possession ...

Tech Tip #48: Protect Your New Tech Gadgets

We all love to get the best and newest tech gadgets. We bring them home or to the office and set them up and just assume the products will ...

Tech Tip #47: Ergonomically Optimize Your Work Space

Aching back plaguing you at the end of the work day? Headaches and eye fatigue making your day a drag? Fingers and wrists feel like they are full of ...

Tech Tip #46: Give Your Computer Some TLC

Maintaining a network of PCs can be a lot of work. We wouldn’t blame you for having trouble keeping your business’ computers up-to-date--especially if you don’t have a ...


Hackers Are Hiding Code In Images To Fool Mac Users

Hackers Are Hiding Code In Images To Fool Mac Users

In the world of hacking, steganography ranks as one of the most difficult methodologies to detect. If you're not familiar with[...]
Download Your Data From Google Plus Before It Gets Deleted

Download Your Data From Google Plus Before It Gets Deleted

Google has kept no secret of their plan to eventually put an end to their social media experiment, Google+.  In[...]
Digital Movie Service UltraViolet Is Shutting Down

Digital Movie Service UltraViolet Is Shutting Down

On paper, UltraViolet seemed like a great idea.  It was (and still is, for the moment) a service that stored[...]



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