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Tech Tip Tuesday

Tech Tip #65: Have a Business Continuity Plan in Place

Data is essential for all types of organizations today, so ensuring access to mission critical applications and data following ...

Tech Tip #64: Protect Your Identity

What's Your Identity Theft Prevention Strategy? It's that time of year again, time to scramble to get your taxes in ...

Tech Tip #63: Don't Rely on Luck

There’s never a need to rely on luck when you’re always prepared! We all have data that needs to be ...

Tech Tip #62: Know Your IP Address

What is an IP address? The technical answer would be that an IP address is a unique string ...

Tech Tip #61: Protect Medical Data

Do You Know How to Protect Medical Data? Businesses that work with medical data are in a tricky situation, as ...

Tech Tip #60: Avoid Cheap Chargers

Can Chargers Be Interchanged Between Devices? One of the major benefits of a laptop is the mobility that ...

Tech Tip #59: 10 Tech Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

At a loss this Valentine’s Day? Does the thought of another bouquet of flowers make your sweetheart yawn? Here are ten ideas to put the spark back in ...

Tech Tip #58: Protect Your Company’s Devices

Protect Your Company’s Devices With Mobile Device Management Everyone’s seen the cliché of the absent-minded person in a hurry leaving their cup of coffee or briefcase on top of ...

Tech Tip #57: Protect Your Business From Cryptojacking

What is Cryptojacking? Cryptojacking is a new-comer in the world of digital threats, and is the term that is being used to describe the act of using a device (be it phone ...

Tech Tip #56: Voip – Don’t let your business fall behind.

Can you really afford not to have it? Voice over the internet has become a very vital role in the effective communication of businesses in the United States. VoIP in it's ...


Millions Of Toyota Customers Possibly Affected By Data Breach

Millions Of Toyota Customers Possibly Affected By Data Breach

In recent months, Japan is a nation under cyber-siege, with several high-profile attacks having been made against the country.  The[...]
Malware In Documents Is Latest Hacker Trend

Malware In Documents Is Latest Hacker Trend

There is a new Threat Spotlight released by Barracuda Networks. One of the biggest trends in 2019 (where threats against businesses[...]
Breach At Georgia Tech University Exposes Personal Info

Breach At Georgia Tech University Exposes Personal Info

If you've ever been a student or employee of the Georgia Institute of Technology, be advised that any personally identifiable[...]



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